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Heritage Scrapbooks

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One of the best ways to keep family engaged in family history is to create a treasure they will enjoy reading. Heritage Scrapbooking is a great visual format for individuals of any genealogical interest level. A Patient Genealogist has published dozens of articles on what to include in your heritage scrapbook project. Here is a recap of some of the most popular and beneficial articles:
  1. Why Create a Family History scrapbook?
  2. 9 Tips to Making a Heritage Album Someone Actually Wants to Read
  3. My Favorite Products for Heritage Scrapbooking
  4. Creating a Cover
  5. Playing With Color
  6. Don't Let the Fear of Change Stop You From Creating Something

A Gallery of Layouts

Family Tree Layout

Fan Chart
Adding Mini Trees

Order your copy of Create a Family History Scrapbook Digitally in 12 Simple Steps for Kindle readers for more tips and step by step instructions to crafting your first project.


  1. I just purchased your book from Amazon. I hope it mentions the type of software needed to make the book and that there is not a big learning curve.

    1. I'm so excited. There are two ways to make a digital scrapbook. First, you can use the design program from a company that you plan on using:,,,, etc. The design programs have a shallow learning curve and the book will help you know what to put into your book.

      I now use Photoshope Elements. It does have a larger learning curve but there are so many great learning opportunities, including this site: That can help you out. And then again, the book will tell you what to put into your project.


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