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05 September 2017

LAST CHANCE to Register for Power Scrapbooking Boot Camp

For years, I was drowning in photos and slacking on preserving the memories of my children. The history of my parents and grandparents were also fast fading. I needed to find some way to preserve my family memories quickly or they'd be gone forever.

After many trials of different systems, I finally developed my Power Scrapbooking method. I used it in my paper scrapbooking days. I have used it when I made the switch to digital scrapbooking. I'm amazed how many scrapbooks I can create in a year, and how many memories I can preserve.

Join me on Saturday, Sept 9th for my POWER SCRAPBOOKING BOOT CAMP for three hours of live instruction and Q&A for the low price of $29,99!

ADDITIONALLY, you’ll also access to the recorded versions of each webinar and the 10-pages of handouts!

Space is limited, and if you register but can’t attend, you’ll still receive the handouts, the freebies, and access to the recordings!

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