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19 April 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Doing Family History as a Busy Parent

Ultimate Guide for finding time for family history

Is is possible to do family history when you're a young adult? When you have a 10-month old under foot? When you're driving around tweens and teens all over God's creation? Well, if you think it's not possible, you'd be wrong.

I'm not making a sudden announcement. I don't have a 10-month old but a friend does and her thoughts on this topic are listed below. No. I have have 5 superheroes that are home schooled. Meaning, not only do I harass them cleaning their rooms and doing their chores, I also have the joy of joyfully pestering them to do their school work throughout the day.  If we're not at a desk, where on the road going to the library, swim lessons, or co-op. At times I may grumble about the difficulty of the journey, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! And yet, their presence around the house all day means free time is taken when I can snag it.

That's why my blog's theme this year includes many posts written for busy parents. Yet, going to my genealogy society meetings and teaching at the local library, young parents are the only ones leading busy lives. However, today I wish to honor the busy parent from those with the youngest children to near adults and a near empty nest. So, I compiled this ultimate guide to making time for family history while your schedule is crazier than a toddler on too much sugar.

15 Tips For Searching Online Collections

15 Online Genealogy Research Tips

You have free time. Be it in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. You have the urge to search for more information about your ancestors. Let's jump online and see what we can find. But wait! Is there a way we can be more successful researching,, or

In three videos, representatives from three terrific online record collections share tips with you on how to use their websites.

17 April 2017

Overcoming Tech Barriers in Journaling

Overcoming Journaling Barriers

Journaling. Many people hate journaling because of the limitations they feel in creating the book of thoughts. Perhaps you like to speak rather than type or write. Perhaps you like to hand write rather than type but would prefer the end product to be a printed book. Will you let those factors prevent you from preserving your life story a piece at a time?

Over the past few weeks, I've shared with you several ways you can preserve your story. Just to review the top three categories of journaling for busy people, they are:

Journaling With Apps
Journaling With Blog Books
Journaling Through Social Media

 All of these options require you to input your thoughts into an app or a computer program. But, what if you don't type or text quickly? Are you out of luck? No. You have two options to help in your journaling.

12 April 2017

3 Suppliers to Start Your Scrapbook Stash

Digital Scrapbook Starter Kit

In 2009, I jumped on the digital scrapbook crazy and I've never looked back. I've made thousands of scrapbook pages during that time and there are three designers that I use in nearly every family scrapbook that I make, and a few of the heritage scrapbooks as well.

If you're just starting out in digital scrapbooking, you'll want to purchase Photoshop Elements. Then, you'll want to visit these three talented designers for all the basic supplies you'll need for your beginner stash of supplies. You'll have templates, background papers, decorative elements, and title art.

10 April 2017

Guilt Free Multi-Tasking Personal History With Social Media

Social Media for Personal History

Chances are you're still feeling guilty about not keeping a journal or preserving your personal history. But today is the day to stop feeling the ghostly fears of unaccomplished tasks and accomplish something today!

If you have shared your life, your dogs, your food, or your genealogy findings on Faceobok or Twitter, you can turn those digital details into a physical world journal in less than 30 minutes! Oh, yeah. A busy person has time to record their personal history!!!

05 April 2017

Your Ancestor is Not a Flower or Tree

6 Photos to Stop Adding to Ancestry

Online genealogy is a wonderful way to collaborate, and I highly encourage you to put your trees online and take advantage of the research hints that many database services provide. I love receiving clues about new-to-me records about my ancestors. I am especially ecstatic when there is a newly discovered photo of my ancestor in my hint queue.

What I cringe at are pictures of trees, flowers, and flags! STOP posting these unnecessary graphics on You're wasting the hinting feature resources and causing a lot of eye-rolling over here.

03 April 2017

Journaling With Blog Books

Busy Mom Journaling Hack

One of the advantages of blogging about your life or your ancestor's lives is that you can create one 'letter' and then share it will all of your family members, friends, and others. Gone are the days when you wrote one letter and then made copies to send to everyone and hope they didn't feel slighted that you didn't write a different letter. (Okay, am I the only one who did this in the past?)

In short, blogging has made life staring more efficient. The other advantage of blogging is that you can share your life and then great a journal/diary/personal history at the same time. Man, I love time-saving hacks. Don't you?