What will Liz Say at RootsTech?

Liz Wiseman, the author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter which taught that leadership isn't about making everyone work harder but magnifies the talents of those around them, so all achieve together, heads to the Innovator Summit at RootsTech.

In leadership training, she shares how our personal knowledge can impede our ability to lead. Her adage that 'learning how to learn is more important than what we have learned' sounds like a homeschool truism. And her work ethic platitude of 'Figure Out Your Bosses' Biggest Challenge and Solve It' are great tips to teach my children on how to succeed in the future.

What will see share with the genealogy innovators? How can they, or we, multiple the skills of resources and research to bring genealogy further in 2017? We'll soon learn!

Watch the Live Streaming on RootsTech.org:

9:00 am
Innovator Summit General Session 2017

10:15 a.m.
Industry Trends and Outlook

11:30 a.m.
Innovation: Best Practices and Applications

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