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28 September 2016

How to Create a Blog Title Graphics

How to Create Blog Title Graphics

When a reader asks a blogger a question and a challenge presents a deadline, the stars align so that I can put on my teaching hat (the one I love best to wear).

Dana Leeds, The Enthusiastic Genealogy, posed the question "How do you create your blog post graphics?"

Initially, I wanted to answer Dana's question through a step-by-step long-form written tutorial with screenshots showing every step of my process. The teacher in me felt this was not the best way to answer her question. Recently, I discovered how to create video tutorials so I could talk and walk others through my process. It was so easy I wish I had attempted this skill earlier. Perhaps sometimes a teacher has to become a student in order to better teach?

27 September 2016

Fall in Love with City Directories

I Love Historic City Directories

Are you a beginner research who wants to take the 'next-step' in researching your family after discovering them in census records?  City Directories are your next stop on the genealogical research journey to fill in the gaps between the census records or to extend a person's life after a record trail ends. is my go-to resource for City Directories online. I have accessed city directories in state repositories, which is great. However, there's no reason to make an in person visit to a library to access a bound book if a digitized version of that same book is available online.

Do you have a relative who disappears from census records 10 years after your last record of them?  Follow them through city directories and you might discover within 1-2 years when they left that location. You won't know where they went, but at least you know when.

Do you know when a particular ancestor changed residences? Following an ancestor through city directories can help you determine which year your family may have purchased a property. That knowledge helps narrow your land records search for deeds of sale or purchase.

Do you know when your relatives changed occupations? By following an ancestor through city directories, you might discover they weren't always the milkman. Perhaps they did a stint as a bar tender or an ice delivery truck driver.

In the post Sherman Brown and the City Directories, I detail exactly how much information I gleaned from the records and how amazing the discoveries are. Read that post (here) and then go find your ancestors in the directories!

20 September 2016

Lewis's Death Record Finally Rises

Lewis Pusecker Death Record

Going from an index to an original source often takes a little detective work and a lot of patience. And sometimes, it takes learning the right combination of search terms for the record to finally float to the surface.

That's the case for Ludwig Puescker son of Karl Puesecker who was a traveling companion to my 3rd great-grandmother Caroline Mack Geiszler Billman. I had tracked Ludwig, who became Louis in many records in Franklin County, Ohio, until the 1880 US Census. Then, I discovered a death date of 14 May 1905  in the Ohio Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997 death index collection on FamilySearch.  The index was derived from many sources, but I needed something more than a small clue to determine where his record was hiding.

13 September 2016

Have I Found Martha's Death Record?

Martha Gordon Death Record?

While searching the Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001 with the search terms "Martha" "Brown", "Franklin County, Ohio" for the death place and "1901" for the death year, I got a hit. I wanted to start doing a genealogy happy dance saying I finally found her death record. But did I? Can I really prove it?

11 September 2016

Scrapbooking Photobook Company Experiment

Ever read a photo book company review and think they are not going in depth enough? They'll tell you the quality is great but not tell you why the said quality was so wonderful. Then you print out a scrapbook and wonder what went wrong? If you said yes, or if you're just curious what I think, then this review post is for you! Four part video series discussing how I select a photo book company, my 20-page experiment, a little talk about packaging, and finally the comparison of my final selections.

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Do you have any tips on how to prepare your scrapbook pages better?

Or, what scrapbook topics should I include in a future video on Family History Fanatics? Leave a comment below and be sure to support my new venture by subscribing to my YouTube Channel, sharing the videos you like or giving a "Thumbs Up."

06 September 2016

10 Ways to Share Your Family History

10 Ways to Share Family History

Who doesn't want to generate more interest in their research among their family members?

For years I've contacted different family members asking them to share family photos, documents, and stories with me. They seem willing and ask, "what do you want to know?" Those seem like golden words, but they're not. Or at least, I sometimes fail to converted a willingness to help into the desired outcome.

In the past, I shared a group sheet and a list of questions along with potential items that would be of interest to me. Sometimes, I've mailed them the research I know to a certain point and ask them to fill in the gaps. A few individuals have willingly have responded and filled in gaps with amazing photos that never knew existed and stories I've never heard.