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31 October 2016

Beware the Deflating Genealogy Statistic

Beware Genealogy Statistics Horror

This Halloween I'm going to scare you and depress you with a genealogy statistic. One that even professional genealogists can't seem to overcome. It can haunt your sleep and make you dash under the covers, cancel your MyHeritage subscription and never attempt another genealogical discovery ever again.

What is this heart stopping detail? It's your genealogy score. Your genealogy number.

(Insert your own blood curling scream with dramatic horror film music)

25 October 2016

Will William's Grave Site Ever Be Found?

Will William Webb's Grave stone be found

Have you revisited the research trips you took and the things you left undone? Four years ago, I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit cemeteries, especially Green Lawn Cemetery. Green Lawn Cemetery in massive and is said to be the fifth largest in Ohio.

At the time, was on the hunt for a collateral relative in Selection L. At the time, I couldn't find him.

18 October 2016

Resource to Find Published Genealogies and Possible Leads

Find Published Genealogies and Possible Leads

Many people have a printed family history book in their home, or discover their family names in a book at a genealogical library and set out to do research from this starting point. What if you don't have such luxury? Are you out of luck? Were there no previous ancestors who crafted a family history to bless the lives of others?

Maybe, but maybe not.  There is a place that you could find out. It's generally not going to be quick or easy, but it's worth investigating.

11 October 2016

How Many Ways Can You Spell Pusecker?

Pusecker Name Variations

When growing up, I was insistent that you spelled my German last name with an S-Z. Any other variation was wrong and I believed that anyone who spelled it differently would not be my relative. I was alone in thinking spellings for last names was fixed. I only correct people when they pronounce my first and middle name incorrectly.

Having learned from a variety of sources about the need to generate a list of name variations, I have attempted to create such a list for the Pueseckers who are members of my Maeck FAN Club.

04 October 2016

Brick Wall and Inferential Genealogy

Inferential Genealogy a Bridge Over Brick Walls

The mystery of my 5th great-grandfather Effingham Townley, likely of New Jersey in the mid to late 1700s is giving me a headache. He's a brick wall tracing my line back to him as a descendant. However, a will for an Effingham Townley dying in 1828 and naming a son John Townley is the brick wall from him tracing down the family line. Could inferential genealogy bridge the gap?

Inferential Genealogy is giving me a headache. Anyone willing to help me examine a situation?

I Love City Directories But

City Directories and the OCR Problem

City directories are an easy to understand and amazing resource for finding your ancestors and relatives. When they are searchable, you can quickly find hundreds of relatives over decades with a simple mouse click. You gotta love those computer programmers who made it all happen.

And as much as I LOVE city directories, there is one thing I don't care for.