How to Create a Blog Title Graphics

How to Create Blog Title Graphics

When a reader asks a blogger a question and a challenge presents a deadline, the stars align so that I can put on my teaching hat (the one I love best to wear).

Dana Leeds, The Enthusiastic Genealogy, posed the question "How do you create your blog post graphics?"

Initially, I wanted to answer Dana's question through a step-by-step long-form written tutorial with screenshots showing every step of my process. The teacher in me felt this was not the best way to answer her question. Recently, I discovered how to create video tutorials so I could talk and walk others through my process. It was so easy I wish I had attempted this skill earlier. Perhaps sometimes a teacher has to become a student in order to better teach?

Okay, what's up? Why all the 'back to school' jargon?

Well, that's the challenge I initially mentioned. Elizabeth O'Neal hosts genealogy blog challenges each month. With September being a common American 'Back-To-School' season, the challenge was to "Genealogy School is in session, and it's your turn to be the teacher! What do you think your students need to learn?"

Back to School Genealogy Blog Party
It’s Back to School time at the Genealogy Blog Party
Image by Elizabeth O'Neal

Ah ha! I knew what one special student needed to learn, and likely others who are starting or continuing their family history and genealogy blogging journey. As an added bonus, I learned how to create a digital tutorial that is a much better 'look over my shoulder' teaching method that I prefer.

Photoshop Elements is a handy program to have installed on your computer. It helps you create blog titles and scrapbook pages. If you have any questions I could answer in a future post, I welcome the opportunity to be your teacher. Leave your questions in the comment section below or on my Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel. I look forward to serving you.

To view one of the posts that generated Dana's question, read Joseph Geissler: Are Funeral Paper Neighbors Connected.

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How to Make Genealogy Blog Title Images

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