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23 April 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday: Mother Daughter Rings

Remember the post High School Rings Have Two Sides? In that post, I shared how I wore my mother's high school ring while I was in high school. When I obtained my senior ring, I didn't want to stop wearing my mother's ring. That ring was now a part of me, just as my own ring would now become.

Generations of High School Rings
Daughter on left and Mother on right

As I pondered the last post "Telling A Story" I thought about the story of the mother/daughter high school rings. Thankfully, a little something told me to photograph both of them together.

You can now see that I attempted to mimic my mother's ring design. Most of the folks in my high school class had a 'plain' stone in their setting. I specifically searched through the ring options catalog for a "K" crest representing my high school. I wanted something resembling the "S" on mom's ring. I did choose a more ornate design that mom's, meaning I had my name on the ring, my interests (flag corps and band), and a stone. Mom's was simple and mine was more over the top. However, I love the two rings together. These were the two rings that I wore as a senior in high school and into my college years. They represent mom and me.

Bad ring grouping
Great idea, but it didn't work.

I had seen an idea of placing two rings together in such away that they are 'joined' but distinct. I'll admit this was a wedding photographer tip. I think the tip would work for a man's ring and a woman's ring. Unfortunately, my rings were very similar in size and positioning them together didn't play out well. Additionally, my ring began to look more like a man's ring and my mother's a woman's ring. The story is mother/daughter. I did not like the vibe I was feeling from attempting this arrangement.

It's okay to try out suggestions from a variety of sources. It's okay to fail. There is much learning gained the process.

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