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21 January 2015

Heritage Scrapbooking: Downplaying the Cut Photos

Are you fortunate enough to have all of your photos that were not 'Creative Memory-ed' or just butchered? If so, this post is not for you. If you do have a collection of photos that were 'shaped' photos, you'll remember the post I shared discussing what to do about these photos.

Scrapbook Layout Christmas Vintage
Brown Christmas: Growing Pains Scrapped All I Want For Christmas Kit

One idea I had was to use a technique called 'masking' I would create a more pleasing shape and then create a blending mask to soften the edges and shape. I'd blend the photo into a neutral background such as black or brown.  I soon learned that this technique could be effective but was extremely time consuming.

For this layout, I simply decided to make the odd shapes less noticeable by placing the them on a pattern paper mat. When I chose a paper for the mat that was more simple, the poor cutting stood out. When I chose a busier pattern paper, the 'whack job' was not the thing I noticed most.

Scrapbook Layouts with bad photo cut outs
Geiszler Christmas: Growing Pains Scrapped All I Want For Christmas Kit

I'm not 100% certain that everything plays nicely visually on this layout, but at least you can see how you can use a busy pattern paper, cut into a regular shape to over come the short comings of not properly caring for photos.

Before we leave this topic, let me reassert my best advice for scrapbooking...

Scan your photos before you use them in your paper scrapbooks. 

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