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22 December 2014

I Made A Difference For That One

Why did I write my book? Why do I love teaching at family history conferences? Why do I share the things I've learned about my family on this blog? Why do I talk non-stop about family history to anyone who would listen? Because my efforts will make a difference.

Bonnie Burgamy Starfish

Do you know this poem? I heard it so often as while I competed in pageants. It was such a great motivational piece. Today, it is now a great motivational piece for me as a family historian.

Earlier this month I helped a friend find the birth certificate for her husband's grandfather. We may have extended that family line back one generation (we'll find out after further research). I can't wait to hear what her husband has to say to all of this! (Especially since he kept asking her when she'd work on his line!)

Last Tuesday, a sweet friend shared with me a story of how she discovered more about an ancestor and the cousin she met along the way. I loved the story just as much as if this was my family discovery. She said this all started by sharing my love of family history. I'm so humbled.

In pageants, I was told to have a platform I was passionate about. Back then, it was "Lead By Example." It wasn't fit for pageantry, but certainly, something that I attempt to follow. Today, Family History might not be a 'pageant worthy' platform, but it is my passion. If I were ever to do a pageant again, it would be my platform, regardless of it was a 'good fit' or not. I don't plan on competing in heels and a gown anytime soon, but I do hope I can promote the benefits of family history as if I wore a crown.

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I share, invite, and talk to a lot of people about how family history is for everyone, and how they should get involved. For many, my efforts seem a bit pointless. Getting those without motivation to become interested in family history, may seem like tossing starfish back into the sea. I still throw the starfish.

When I have or heard about experiences like these, I recognize that I am a part of something greater than myself. My little efforts do make a difference, and I am so glad I tossed. I have and do 'make a difference for that one.'

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