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10 December 2014

Best Personal and Family History Posts of 2014

Moving to Texas
The neighbors around our new place are amazing. The move
has been so much easier with this kind of community.
Perhaps I am jumping the gun for the first of my 2014 wrap up posts. Perhaps not. As the year comes to a close, I have reflected on all the many wonderful memories I have made, the changes that have occurred, and the stories I have shared. I have many guiding principles with respect to family history, but the major hone is "If family history isn't fun, you're doing it wrong!"

With that in mind, I wanted to share some reader and my personal favorite posts from the year that focus on this great hobby/work.

Personal History Favorites
  1. The worst day of my life, The lessons for my posterity
  2. Remember the time when Mom smashed her face
  3. Remember when Mom wore a swimsuit to buy a house
  4. Inspiring my husband to write a book
  5. Inspired by family history writing class

Family History Favorites

21st Century Family Historian
The additional highlight from this year is the release of my book 21st Century Family Historian. I wrote this book with two wonderful folks in mind and the project expanded to include a variety of individuals. The feedback has been so positive with many saying they're going to do something to capture and preserve their family history. That was the goal of my book. That is the goal of the educational posts on this blog. I want to inspire people to play their position on the family history team. We need the family history tent to get a lot bigger so the stories can become so much richer.

Google Analytics can only tell me so much. Leave a comment of which was your favorite ,Patient Genealogist post from 2014 (and perhaps why).


  1. I started thinking about my year-end post the other day. I hope I come up with some good ones like you did.

    1. Thanks Wendy. Be sure to leave a link when you create yours so we can all check it out!

  2. Oh boy. I hadn't thought of my end-of-the-year post before seeing yours Devon. I'm just trying to finish up the 52 Ancestors posts and some others as well as getting things done for Christmas. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Jana... you can do your year in wrap up in January. I'm so proud of you for completing your 52 week challenge!