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02 October 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Same Medal Different Lighting

I'm amazed at how different a coin my husband had looked under different lighting.

Photograph Epcot Center Coins
Black background in light box
f/3.5, exp 1/6, ISO 80, Pattern Metering

Photograph Epcot Center Coins

Photograph Epcot Center Coins
Natural light, no light box
f/4, exp 1/2, bias +0.7, ISO 80
Center Weighted Average Metering
Photograph Epcot Center Coins

The first version of this Epcot Center coin looked more platinum and the second won looks more silver. If you have time to play around with your artifacts, test the items out under different lights and different backgrounds to see what's more true to life. And then, if you have distracting backgrounds, you can crop that out.


  1. I've been photographing family heirlooms, but now I'm thinking I should try again.

    1. That's great to hear. So many people forget to photograph their family treasures. Keep me posted on what you come up with should you try again.