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08 October 2014

Heritage Scrapbooking: 70s Cover Page

A great way to set the stage for a scrapbook, after selecting a color palette, is to create a cover page.

Cover Page:
I chose two photos that would highlight the age range this book will cover: birth to pre-school. After I selected the two photos that were cover worthy, I noticed that I had clashing photo processing. As such, I needed to find a way to compliment these images. Soften and subtle was key.

Now I'm ready to start the story of my early years. If you wanted, you could swing the tag title to be the years covered in the book rather than "The Early Years." That way the book is very specific. It's really your call.


  1. I recall your saying the colors of photos of that time period would be a challenge, and that has stuck with me because every time I look at one of my photos I can hardly appreciate the memory for the color. I like the colors you selected, especially the frame connecting to the trim on your dress.

    1. Wendy,

      I have to agree. Sometimes I look back at the photos from the 60s and 70s and think, what were people thinking? From furniture to clothing to hair styles. But, I'm so glad I have the photos. Thanks for the compliment on colors. I think by finding something positive in the photos and supporting that visually, we make the distractions a benefit. Thanks for reading and commenting. Comments mean so much!