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19 September 2014

21st Century Family Historian... now available in print or eBook

Do you think genealogy is boring? Is it something only done by old people in dusty libraries? If you answered "Yes" then this book is for you. The technology of the 21st Century has changed how Family History can be done.

Too many people are stuck in an 20th Century mindset where genealogy is filling out pedigree charts and family group sheets. This book contains no pedigree charts to fill out. Nor is there a single family group sheet to add information to. Learn how you can take the focus away from boring paperwork and do the things you like whether it is taking photographs, interviewing, or writing the stories of your ancestors.

On September 1st, my newest book 21st Century Family Historian became available on in eBook form. This book just might change the way you do family history.

21st Century Family Historian
To order a printed version of
21st Century Family Historian click here.

Today, I'm pleased to announce that the print version of the book is also available! You can purchase the book through or

You can choose the format that suits you best. Here's the link once again for the eBook.

To order the Kindle version of
21st Century Family Historian click here.

After you've read the book, feel free to purchase more copies for those you love who either love family history or hate it. This book is meant to inspire both camps.

And if you're looking for some light-hearted reading, check out my husband's book: How to Fail English with Style, available for the Kindle app only.

 How to Fail English with Style by Andrew Lee


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