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18 June 2014

Heritage Scrapbooking: Marriage Page

If you read my book Create a Family History Scrapbook in 12 Simple Steps, you know that one topic page to include in a family history scrapbook about a single person is a page featuring their marriage. What do you do for your ancestors who eloped? Can you create a marriage page? Yes. Yes, you can.

Credits: altered diamond paper & swirl- Hello, Aunty; stitched frame - Chore Day; brad & tag - Mother May Iflowers - Spa Holiday

My grandparents Lewis Brown and Louise Long eloped. Louise's parents were deceased. Lew's father had died and his mother may have already become very ill. Louise was living with her married sister in the 1940s. So, when the time was right, who needed a big wedding? They didn't.

Instead my grandparents went on a honeymoon and took a lot of photos. They were married in Feburary but the honeymoon was in September. One has to keep this in mind when you read the full version of Grannie's honeymoon story. The couple went to Niagra Falls and visited various aunts, uncles, and other relatives along the way. And the story was written with a young audience in mind.

When you don't have wedding photos, you can share photos that feature the couple in love. Notice who the first page features many photos of the happy couple from their early year of marriage.  The second page of the layout features photos from the trip. They were very much in love and very happy.

I framed this layout with stitching, added a tag for the title and then a flourish accent to tie the flowers and brads together. Again, keep the design simple so the photos and story take center stage.

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