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10 January 2014

Top Ten Memorabilia Posts of 2013

Alright, alright! Enough 2013 recap. Get on with 2014 already. Right? Wrong. This is the last one and features the Top Ten Memorabilia Photography posts from last year. I hope you've been inspired and will make this the year you photograph the stuff of your or your ancestors' lives.

Photograph your personal history
Concert Program
"Modern" Personal History
Are you ready for photograph?

When Photography is bettern than scanning
Photograph, Don't Scan
Photography really is better
How to Photograph Letterman Jacket
How to Photograph a Letterman Jacket
Math Olympiad
What can a Math Olympiad Tell You About Your Relative?
Memorabilia Tells a lot about Family History
Talent Ancestors
Cross Stitch
Was your ancestor crafty?
Photography Childhood Heirlooms
Baby Clothes
What ancestor didn't start out as a baby?
Let the Artifacts Tell Story
Let the Artifacts Tell Story
Photography Childhood Heirlooms
Baby Toys
Nothing says childhood like toys
Why Two Aggies Have a longhorn Flag
Why Two Aggies Have a longhorn Flag
(The lower case L on longhorn is intentional)

That's a pretty inspiring collection. Have fun photographing your collection of stuff in 2014!

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