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20 December 2013

Photo Friday: Tiny Religious Medallions

Much of my collection of personal and family history items have been sizable. These medallions are very small. About as big as my thumb. They were a symbol of attainment in the religious programs of my youth. Thankfully, a camera's macro setting and zoom can enable me to photograph such tiny objects.

Young Women Medallions
f/5, exp 1/25, bias +0.7, ISO 100, Spot Metering, 20 mm focal length

In order to photograph these objects, I had to create a well of sorts. I used my light box and artificial light streaming through tissue paper. I placed fiber fill in the bottom of the box. I made a depression that would allow the medallions to lean back against something while pressing against something at the bottom to prevent them for sliding down. Then I covered the fiber fill with white muslim. You can see the 'well' in this photo.

Young Women Medallions
f/5, exp 1/25, bias +0.7, ISO 100, Spot Metering, 20 mm focal length

I zoomed in only as far as my camera would allow in the Macro setting and keep the objects in focus. Then I played with the various settings on my camera until the gold was as shiny as I preferred and the object was as clear as it can be. What is amazing is that the camera picked up details (scratches and such) that I never paid much attention to. Perhaps these objects are so small and the macro focus magnifies them so you can see the details you otherwise would have missed.

Christmas will take place this week. This year I have showed many examples of the objects in my family collections that I have photographed. When you visit your families, get the stuff out and photograph them. Talk about the items and record the stories. You'll give yourself and your family the best Christmas gift ever. The gift of preserved memories.

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