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16 December 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Undertaker Affidavit for William Townsend

I found this little gem fascinating in its brevity from the Undertaker for my 3rd great-grandfather William Townsend.

Affidavit for William Townsend by Herman Sebtzky
Columbus O Jan 8 89

To who it may concern

I hearewith testify that on Nov. 15th 1889 I have Buried Wm J Townson in Luthren [sic] Cemetery in Hamilton Tp Franklin Co. Ohio.

Herman Sebtzky, Undertaker 24 W Main St Columbus, Ohio

Columbus O. Jany 8 1890
Before me a Notary Public personally appeared before the above named Herman Sebitzky and made oath to the foregoing statement.
C H Hoseman Notary Public.

  • William Townsend was buried on 15 November 1889 in Hamilton Township, Franklin County, Ohio.
  • The undertaker was named Herma Sebtkzy and an address was given.
  •  I wonder the costs of the funeral, especially since William and Mary Townsend were so poor.
  • The Cemetery is listed as the Luthren Cemetery in Hamilton Township. That cemetery has become known as the Obetz Cemetery in Obetz, Ohio. I wonder if this was all the same place and when the name was changed.
  • Was William and Mary Townsend Lutheran if they were buried in the Lutheran Cemetery?

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