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01 November 2013

Photo Friday: Brand Names

I know that many of you are going to or have begun shopping for next year's gift giving holidays. I wanted to play up the commercialism of the holiday season. Next month, we'll focus on the religious side of things. So... what brand names were important to you or your relatives?

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Did your family call a refrigerator a Frigidaire? Did your grandmother call butter... Blue Bonnet? Did your family insist that Coke was better than Pepsi? Did your family use Ipana or Crest toothpaste exclusively? Are you a Ford family?

I'm not very brand loyal these days, except when it comes to my facials tissues. Only Puffs plus aloe will do. However, when I was a teenager, I wanted to wear Rocky Mountain jeans without back pockets exclusively. Some folks will know all about these things. And I have a story to write? See, we can remember the lessons from RootsTech 2013 all these many months later!

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Seriously, name brands apply to a variety of consumer products. Did your ancestors have brand loyalties? Does your family now have brands they won't do without? Take some time this month to see how the free market has impacted your family's purchasing habits.

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