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15 November 2013

Photo Friday: Bon Jovi T-Shirt

Bon Jovi New Jersey Album Cover
Super cool album that I
owed as a young girl.
I know, I know. I am a genealogist and I'm show casing my concert T-Shirts. What? Shouldn't this all be about more 'historical' stuff? Well, no. My personal history is the history for my children and grandchildren. And, the things I like will matter to them, if no one else.

Also... I want to invite young people into genealogy. If the only 'cool' things in family history is lace dollies and pottery, you are not going to invite a lot of young people (while they are young) into the tent. So... for all of you young folks (and young at heart), photograph the brand names (and band names) of your ancestors, including those 'ancient' people known as your parents. (In case you missed it, I also shared a concert program that I photographed.)

In a class that I taught at a family history conference last month, I have shared the importance of having a model. Come to think of it, I also wrote a post about having a model when photographing clothing. Some folks didn't believe me. So, I'm going to share the 'no model', point and shoot route. I've since learned to take better photos. But the T-Shirt is long gone. After viewing the model posts, you'll know why I wish I had put the shirt on to photograph rather than done the hanger method.

Photographing Concert Memorabilia
f/2.8, exp 1/5 sec, ISO 250, Pattering Metering, No flash,
Auto Camera setting

Photographing Concert Memorabilia
f/2.8, exp 1/60 sec, ISO 80, Pattering Metering, Flash

I will still use these point-n-shoot photos in my personal history. I will share the music that I love and why Bon Jovi was the coolest band around. I just wish I had given the shirts more life by putting them on a model. Oh well. Live and learn! (And if anyone happens to have this concert shirt and can photograph it better, I'm all for using your photos in my history.)


  1. I have a friend who would knock you over for these shirts! :) Great post - it's all history, after all!

    1. Darn Piper. I should have kept it. They could have enjoyed it for me!


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