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24 November 2013

Funeral Card for Charles Baum

I have a large collection of interment cards from the Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. I will share these as I find time and energy to so do.

Interment Card for Charles H Baum
Interment Card for Charles H Baum
Buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Charles H BaumInterment on: Una C Baum Lot
Lot 318 Sec 113
born 8 Dec 1890 Cary, Ohio
died 13 Aug 1968, McConnelsville, Ohio
Parents: Bruce Bau
Interment: 5 Mar 1980

I had a deep desire to share the cards I found. But someone suggested that cluttering up my page with non-family member finds wasn't the best way to go. So, I found another great resource to share these cards. So, I'll only share interment cards in the future if they're part of a greater family story.

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