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25 November 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Witness Statement for William James Townson

William James Townson's Civil War Pension
Witness Statement for William James Townson's Civil War Pension file

State of Ohio Franklin County SS

on this the 31 day of Dec AD 1883 personally appered before me Clerk Common Peas Count acting Justice of the peace in and for the County of Franklin and State of Ohio Edward G Behm John Rohn Edwards Station persons whom I Certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me first duly Sworn according to law does on there oaths declare that they are well and intimatily aquainted with William James Townson who was a late private of Company “K” 133 L Redgt Ohio Infntry and no from there own personal Knowledge that the said William James Townson was in the hospital with the mumps and eseciplis when we was at New Creek in the State of West Virginia that he was sick as aforsaid in said hospital some lenght of time dont now remember just how long that we know the above facts by reason of being members of Said Compay and redgement and that we was personally preseant at the at the time and that our post office address is Edward Station Franklin County Ohio and that we have no intrust in this claim.

attest Theo H Beck Edward G Behm
JD Broucher John Rohn (his mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before me on the 31 day of December A.D. 1883 and I do hereby Certify that the foregoing affidavit was fully Read and exsplained to the witnesses 

William James Townson's Civil War Pension
Witness Statement for William James Townson's Civil War Pension file

before Sworing them I further certify that I have no interest direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim

John J Joyce
Clerk Court of
Common Pleas
Franklin County Ohio

aditonal evedence claims
William James Townson
Company K 133 Ohio Regt
infenty Cols

in hosp.
Behm & rohn
mumps & engsipela

Filled by A W Shearer
Alton Franklin County Ohio


  • Edward G Behm & John Rohn knew William James Townson intimately.
  • They served with him in Company K, Regiment 133rd, Ohio Infantry Volunteers
  • They lived in Edwards Station, presumably near William Townson (because this place appears elsewhere the in Townsend history)
  • Where is Edward's Station, Franklin County, Ohio?
    The railroad town also known as Edwards Station which was located along what is now the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, just across the township line from the Columbus Motor Speedway. When it was built the line was the Hocking Valley Railroad. The P.O. operated from 1874 through 1898.
  • Who are Edward G Behm & John Rohn, more specifically? They knew William J Townson in the military service in 1863 and were willing to attest for William 1883. So, how close were the three?

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