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11 October 2013

Photo Friday: License to be an Amateur

f/3.5, exp 1/6 sec, ISO 80,
Center Weight Average Metering
I'm struggling a little bit with the set up I have. I like the light box that I have. It works really well. I like the concept of my seamless back drop stand, but I'm thinking that I purchased the wrong material. Muslin becomes wrinkly no matter how much I store it in the space I have. I could probably roll it on mounted contraption attached to the ceiling. However, I don't have the space for that in the location I like to photograph. So, that option is out. Right now, I'm investigating alternatives. I'll keep you posted.

As I've said, I'm having trouble keeping my photos wrinkle free in the background. Sometimes, this is distracting, and sometimes the wrinkled background is okay. The question is... when are the photos I'm taking good enough?

I am amateur photographer. So, I feel like celebrating the fact that:

a) I took a photo of an object and
 b) that the photo isn't blurry.

I still have a lot more artifacts to share with you. And the backgrounds will be wrinkly. I wonder... has that bothered you? Does it bother my family members? Or do most people look beyond the less than crisp background and focus on the object? Do they just want to know the memory?

Sure a professional photographer will probably look at my photos and say... amateur. And the perfectionist side of me says... "yeah, I know" in a dejected voice. But... today, I'm going to give myself license to be what I am. An amateur.

I'm not trying to take photos that will ever appear in museums, photography shows, or product catalogs. I am trying to capture and preserve the family treasures. I give myself praise for what I've done. I acknowledge that I am among the few that are willing to document objects with photography. And since I am a "jack of all trades, and master of none" genealogist, the photos I share are good enough. And, my efforts are definitely better than the 'point-n-shoot' crowd.

And I am also recognizing that I am inspiring people to photograph their own objects. Get the things out of the attics, closets, storage units. Photograph these objects and share the memories before the objects are gone, and the memories associated with it.

So... to my readers who enjoy my Photo Friday posts, I hope you will give yourself license to be an amateur. Sometimes you will have professional quality photos. And sometimes you'll have amateur quality photos. Aren't amateur quality photos better than none at all? And to my more professional skill photog friends, I love the support, advice, and encouragement you share with me.

 Now.. on to more photo sharing.

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