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18 October 2013

Photo Friday: Homecoming Mums Shoot Gone Wrong

Okay, so the grammar for the title leaves something to be desired. The point was to show that this post will be about a photo shoot that did not go well. We learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. So, I'm going to celebrate being an amateur photographer and share with you a photography session that did not do my artifact justice.

f/3.5, exp 1/20 sec, bias +0.3, ISO 400 , Spot Focus Metering
f/8, exp 0.8 sec, bias +0.7, ISO 100 , Spot Focus Metering
f/8, exp 0.8 sec, bias +0.7, ISO 100 , Spot Focus Metering

The set up used a seamless backdrop as floor covering. I used natural lighting from the left side. I attempted to use a reflector on the right side, but a high school homecoming mum can be rather long (especially since I'm above average height for a female). So, the right side has a shadow problem.

As I mentioned last week, my Muslim fabric continues to become further and further wrinkled and it's nigh impossible to keep smooth. I thought it wouldn't be a problem. In actuality, it was.

Additionally, since this object is so long, I had to stand on a table on the right side of the mum and then shoot down on the object. I do not think this really helped capture the object well.

I did learn one thing. In this next photo, I was trying to focus in on the details of the mum. I wanted to feature my name and my date's name. I remembered having the best time at a homecoming event with Brannan. He was younger than me. We were friends before the dance and stayed friends after. Going with a friend date rather than a 'date date' was truly the best homecoming experience. Sorry dates from prior years. It really was more fun and less stress.

f/3.5, exp 1/3 sec, bias +0.3, ISO 100 , Spot Focus Metering

After the first attempt, I didn't like how the ribbons were arranged. So, I fussed with them just like a make-up artist would do with a model for a 'professional' magazine shoot. I kept fussing and photographing until I could see the ribbons better. This last attempt was better. But the deficiencies created by the wrinkles, the shadows on the right, and perhaps how/where I was attempting to photograph this mum, I did not like the results overall.

f/3.5, exp 1/4 sec, bias +0.3, ISO 100 , Spot Focus Metering
 Sometimes, things do not work. I learned that a wrinkled background does not work. So I seriously need to think this through. Next week, I will show my second attempt with this object.

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