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04 October 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Creations Challenge

Are your children bringing home a ton of art projects? Did your relative have a talent for making things? Take time to photograph the creations that your family makes.

f/4, exp 1/8, bias +0.7, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering

As a youngin' my husband made these ceramic mugs. I thought they looked cool to photograph, but not necessarily to have around the house. Perhaps as the kids create more and more intersting clay objects, I might feature these beauties along side them. As in scrapbooking and photography, collections often have more meaning than single items.

My best advice with sculptures is to take photos from different angles. Also, move the objects around often. You will probably shoot 20+ pictures until you find the right one I think I took 50 pictures of these two objects alone!

Use a light box for smaller objects with filtered lamp light. I've found that when the room I set up in is filled with shadows or even dark, then the objects look even crisper with my camera. I also do a custom white balance adjustment before placing objects in the light box. Finally, I make sure I'm shooting in macro mode. This is the setup that has generated the best results for my ceramic creations of my family.

Have a great time photographing the creations in your family's life.

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