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07 September 2013

In need of clues regarding Chrisoph Hoppe's Immigration

Grave maker for Christoph Hoppe, son of the immigrant
I would love to know more about my third great-grandfather Christian Christopher Hoppe. Derivative records present the day of 14 May 1818 as Christoph's birth date and the location is believed to be Hanover as that is the place he listed on his naturalization papers which were dated 8 Oct 1860 in Franklin County, Ohio.

Great-grandfather used the name Christian and Christopher in varying spellings and combinations throughout his life. In 1860, his name is listed as Christian in the census where he is a wagon maker by trade. The census taker wrote the last name and it looks like Hoppa or Koppa. Perhaps Hoppe is an Anglicized spelling of his name. I know not. And, I know that I'm saying it wrong and have learned the name would sound more like Hoppa or Koppa.

So, if I were to look for Christian Christopsher's family in Hanover, how would I go about this? What clues and strategies should I use?

Should I be looking for the Hoppe family Bible or other Hoppe descendants? Should I try to find Christopher or Christian Hoppe/Hoppa/Koppa through the port of Bremen? How would I know it is him when I find it? His death record suggests that his parents are Christoph Hoppe and Maria. Does this help me find my Christopher born in 1818 in Hanover?

It is believed that Christoph married Anna Margareta Kalsberger (of Bavaria) at the St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio on 12 Apr 1859. Does the marriage in the Lutheran church suggest that I should look in Lutheran church records in Hanover?

Oh the questions that plague me as the records dry up on this side of the pond.


  1. "Hoppa" is the German pronounciation of "Hoppe".
    (Well, at least close enough.) Hoppa would be an unsual surname. Koppa - don't know. But Hoppe sounds right.

    About Hannover - easiest thing to do is check wikipedia. First - if you don't speak German - check the English entry for "Hanover"
    As you scroll through all the information, you will actually not learn if Hannover in majority was Lutheran, but don't worry.
    What you can find is some basic information about the time when the Hoppe family left Hannover.

    Next step is checking out the German entry for Hannover. Don't worry, you will be able to handle this even when you don't know German.
    In "Contents" in the German entry for Hannover, you find "Religion" which is the German word for "religion". ;)
    Click "Religion" in the contents bar!
    Now you know!
    (Majority is listed first, the others after that. When in doubt, you can use google translator or other services.)

    it's a bilingual list.

    Also try

    Unfortunately I don't know too much about the exit ports or routes for German emigrants ...

    1. Verena... you offer such wondering information. I will definitely check out your suggestions.

  2. Forgot this!
    You might even check this one out first. :)


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