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13 September 2013

Did you know summer is over?

Devon Geiszler Lee
Here I am at the Zumstein Road sign in
Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada. I didn't think
I'd make it to Canada until I was 60! I love
my hubby for making this journey happen a
nd for my cousin for showing me around.
I know. I know. Many of you know that summer is over. But, I have been so busy this summer that it spilled over into September. While many people were 'going back to school', I was still trying to wrap up a TON of summer projects and adventures.

The highlight involved a trip to St Catherines, Ontario, Canada. It was such a great experience. I took 1,000+ photos and I am still sorting through all of the photos. Now, the trip to St. Catherine's also included journies to Albany, New York; Sharon, Vermont; Montreal, Quebec, and several towns in Michigan. Talk about a whirlwind. I did return home with genealogy stuff to work on, added to the pile from the previous year's journey. I'm SO BEHIND. Ah well. Other people wish they had my problem. So, I'm going to stop belly aching.

We returned from the trip in late August and then I had to whip the kids into gear. We home school, but it doesn't mean that we don't slack off at times. So, we had to establish routines. We've been doing really well until this week. A stomach virus decided to stop myself and my eldest in our tracks. We'll get back into gear next week.

In the meantime, some things have had to take a back seat to genealogy. My two eldest and I finnally finished two quilts we started after the Joplin, Missouri tornado struck the town two years ago. Seems I have a knack for making things complex. So glad the project is complete. This year, my fourth child receives a quilt for Christmas (family tradition) and I hadn't started it yet. I found a simple pattern in in three weeks I had the top done. My eldest daughter said, "Why didn't we know about this pattern two years ago?" (I know, right?)

On top of that, I have had to focus on completing the presentations for four classes I will be teaching at a Family History Conference here in town in October. I finally feel prepared, so all I need to do is practice, practice, practice so the delivery is solid. I attempted to volunteer to help the 'behind the scenes' side of things. Let's just say that didn't work out, so I'm forging new paths. I will be teaching a beginning genealogy class at the local library in January. Super excited to spread the word of family history.

Heritage Scrapbook with PhotoShop Elements
Grandpa Lew's scrapbook ready for accents!!!!
And, I have been working like crazy to complete some scrapbook projects. I wanted to complete scrapbooks featuring my Grandpa Lew Brown and my Grandma Louise Long. Lew's book is ready for the final tweak or the 'fun phase' of adding embellishments. Yeah! Louise's book is ready for the final addition of journaling and then decorating. I'm hoping to have these projects wrapped up by the end of this month.

Then.... I need to slow down a bit. Whew. All of my summer projects were supposed to end in August, but that was not to be the case. Instead, they're taking longer but I'm excited. So... the blog this month might have fewer 'regular' posts and I apologize to my faithful readers.

However, we must not run faster than we have strength. So... here's to celebrating what has happened and cutting myself some slack for not being super woman. When 'summer' finally wraps up around here, I'll be able to share more of the family history, heritage scrapbooking pages, and memorabilia photography ya'll love. (Plus, I have a new camera and a sturdy light box that I can't wait to try out).

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