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22 August 2013

Thankful Thursday: Volunteer Works Graveyard Miracle

I am so excited I could reach through the computer and kiss the woman's cheek who found and photographed a gravestone that I could not find at the Green Lawn Cemetery in May 2012. I visited Green Lawn Cemetery Section 30 and searched for Leslie Cushman Akison. Leslie is the son of my great grand-aunt Ida Loa Brown AKISON.

I wrote last year: "I had hoped that perhaps he was buried near additional family members and I would get more clues into this aunt's family. I did my best to read the map, but I wasn't confident I knew which plot to look at. I searched and searched the section and decided I now had two sections to ask about in the office."

I did visit the office and ask about the plot and went one more time to search. Alas, I could not find Leslie's stone. Bummer.

In June, a genealogical miracle happened. Anonymous, a volunteer for, found my photo request (that included the plot information) and she went out to try.  She found it. She found it!!!!

Leslie Cushman Akison gravestone
Leslie Cushman Akison gravestone at Green Lawn Cemetery
Did she stop with one photo? Oh now. You see the tid bit of a stone beside it? There was a clue that another stone was there. Yippee!!!

Cora E Schultz Akison gravestone
Cora E Schultz Akison gravestone in Green Lawn Cemetery
I was so excited. I sent a thank you message to Annoymous through FindAGrave telling her of the frustration I had at finding the stone. She said that it looked like these stones were recently placed and might not have been there when I visited. With the rubble behind these stone, I'm inclined to a agree. To the woman, whose name I know not, thank you for the graveyard miracle.

Oh! While she was out at the cemetery, she found a few more gravestones for other requests. Here is another collateral line member of my 'family':

George Paul Karlsberger gravestone
George Paul Karlsberger gravestone in Green Lawn Cemetery

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