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06 August 2013

Tech Tuesday: Applause for FamilySearch Family Tree

I have taken a break from using FamilySearch Family Tree. I love the direction it is heading. However, it has been pretty time consuming to attach records to persons on the Family Tree. Now, I was super excited last year, during beta testing, to finally be able to find something on FamilySearch and then attach it to the tree. However, after many months of use, I had wished the process would be made a little easier. And FamilySearch Family Tree delivered!!!!

I think FamilySearch deserves a round of applause for making my genealogical life a little easier. Let me show you what I'm talking about.

The past year, if I found a record on FamilySearch, I would save it to My Source Box. Then I would have to search on the Family Tree for the individual person. Click on their source records. Then select Add Sources. Then I could finally attach the sources after I found them in My Source Box. Sometimes, it was easy. Sometimes, a bit difficult. I also wished I could see if a record was attached to the Tree before I went through the saving process.

The pop up box that shows after you select Attach to Family Tree

Today, I felt the urge to attach a few more records, and look what I found! See that blue "Attach to Family Tree" box? I new something wonderful was about to happen. I clicked on it and Claude J Bailey was listed under Possible Matches. When I pressed select, I was asked to enter in why I thought this was the correct record. I entered my reason and confirmed that I wanted to attach the record. That was cool. So fast. So easy!

The record is attached to the Family Tree, and I can click through to the tree from the record.
When I was finished with the process above, I noticed that the search record now said "View in Family Tree." I had a direct link to the three. Woo-hoo! Genealogical Happy Dance. I'm so happy I could kiss the team that answered this silent prayer, request, what have you.

Just to be sure, I went and checked out family members who I have previously attached records to. Sweet! There is a "View in Family Tree' link. No more doubt saving work. Hopefully, the work will go faster now. Yee-haw!

If the name isn't found in Possible Matches, select your History List

Now, if the Possible Matches comes up empty, never fear. Simply click on the History List. Look. There is Claude J Bailey, and a few other folks that I have recently worked on.  (This happened often with a wife whose married is name is listed on a record, but is not recognized on the tree with that name.)

And if this still doesn't find the person you're after, do a search in a separate window on Family Tree  for the individual who want to attach a record to. Find their ID at the top of the Profile page. Enter it on the screen above and viola! Instant attachment. (This also was useful when I found a sister-in-law that needed to be attached to Claude J Bailey. I had to search the Family Tree for her ID number. Then I entered it in the appropriate screen. Not a big deal).

So... FamilySearch has answered two of my requests.... make attaching records to the tree easier and see if a record is attached to the Family Tree before attaching it. Hallelujah.

Now.... if they can stop sending me MY updates on the weekly 'Things that have been updated on your watch list", and only show me the changes OTHERS have made... I am sure I'll be a happy camper for some time to come. And, when they do that, I might just have to break out the video camera and record my Genealogy Happy Dance.

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