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24 August 2013

Geiszler Brick Wall Suggestions and Update

Signature from the deed he signed in 1856 for property in Franklin County, Ohio.
Signature from the deed he signed in 1856
for property in Franklin County, Ohio.

I have written before about my ancestral brick wall known as Joseph Gei├čler.  I took the suggestion of posting his information on the Ohio Genealogy Research Facebook page.

Now, one should expect the group to crack through the Brick Wall magically. However, the group can remind you of or make suggestions for resources you haven't checked yet.
The first thing that was suggested was to contact the group Palatines to America. Apparently, they have resources that would help. They are based in Columbus Ohio.

I know I need to investigate to see if their sources discusses migration routes and the draw of Germans to Columbus, Ohio. For now, I found something that I want to check out.

On the Database tab, I found a link to the Ancestor Chart All Name Index. I selected the G's and found two entries that I want to obtain copies for.

PALAM Name Database

I learned that I could mail $2 to PALAM and then I could have a copy of the Ancestor Charts. Joseph isn't a very common name in Columbus. However, my gut tells me that this might not be my ancestor as PALAM is nationwide. So, I might learn about a Joseph who moved elsewhere in the US. But, it's worth $2 to rule it out.

The Ohio Genealogy Research group also suggested that I cross-post on the Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research page (Which no longer exists. So Sad!) to get help coming from both directions. Maybe you'll meet yourself in the middle.

I don't know what exactly to post on that Facebook page. But, I did ask a few question. How can I learn more about migration routes and the attraction to Columbus, Ohio.  Also, how long would someone be in America before going through the Naturalization Process. I know Joseph listed Baden has his home country and he received citizenship in 1858. So, when would he have arrived?

The feedback I received was the following:
Our FamilySearch Wiki has some excellent articles that are worth some study time. You might be interested in "Tracing Immigrants Search Strategies" and "Germany Locating Place of Origin" We also have an excellent article for you to study on United States Naturalization and Citizenship:

I know better than to expect a miracle when requesting help on a social network. I am thankful for the leads I have been given. I may not find Joseph, but I just might learn more about the overall process of moving to America and becoming a naturalized citizen.

I'll keep you posted on what I learn from PALAM.

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