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31 August 2013

Future Research: Great Aunt Mary Elisabeth Geissler Grener

Conrad and Marry Elisabeth Grener
Conrad and Marry Elisabeth Grener
Someday I'd like to explore the history of Conrad Grener and his wife Mary Elizabeth Geissler. This what I know about my 2nd great-grandfather Henry Geiszler's sister.

My 2nd great-grand uncle Conrad Grener is the son of Conrad Grener and Friederike Auguste Christiane Adelheide Kiesewetter. Conrad the elder was born in Baden. Conrad the younger was born 13 Aug 1853 in Alton, Franklin, Ohio. Conrad the elder was a countryman to Mary Elizabeth's birth father Joseph Geissler who was also from Baden.

Conrad the elder was born about 1822. Joseph was born about 1836. There would be a 14 year gap between the two. I know when Joseph received his naturalization papers (1858), but I don't know when Conrad received his.

So, did they travel together? Did they know each other in the old country? I have yet to find either Conrad in the 1860 US Census. Did they arrive after the death of Joseph and not know each other at all? Was it a simple coincidence that Conrad and Joseph were both from Baden and arrived in Columbus, Ohio? Was it a coincidence that the eldest son and the eldest daughter of these two men married? Oh the questions just keep coming.

I have heard a rumor that the Greners were well off, at least in the days of the Conrads. The Grener clan appears to be a large and well-liked clan. In fact, I've heard they used to have an annual reunion at the Darby Dan Farm. The millionaire John Galbreath let them use the festival hall on his farm.

If the rumor is true, then it would stand to reason the second part of the rumor is true. That of two sisters documenting the Grener family with much detail and sources. Would it be possible that the Grener descendants did a little research on the lineage of Mary Elizabeth? If so, what did they find? Anything that might help me?

Regardless of what help can be found on the Geissler side, I would still love to know a little bit about Mary Elizabeth's family. I have a photo of her. Now I want to know her story.

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