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21 June 2013

Photo Friday: Award Pins

f/5, exp 1/4, bias +0.7, ISO 80
Spot Focus metering
My mother was my girl scout troop leader for many years. She encourage the girls in my troop to earn and learn as much as we could. Last August, Mom gave me a collection of objects to photograph that related to her. She thought I had done such a great job with the things I did for her father. I'm so glad she gave these things to me. She passed away in December, but I have a collection of her treasured artifacts. I may not know the story behind each object, but I have fond memories of many of the things she gave me.

What is so nice about this photo, is I felt I got it right on the first time. (I know the background could be smoother, but to me, it doesn't really matter). And that's what I'm hoping to get to. A basic starting point when I photograph memorabilia. I have had friends want me to photograph some of their objects. I want to have a basic point to start off with when I set up. Again, I'm an amateur. But, I'm willing learn. I like when I can nearly nail the photograph on the first try.

Now, to figure out what all those pins mean.

1 comment:

  1. So my AWESOME Girl Scout and Boy Scout trivia expert shared this:
    The green fabric is call the tab.
    The blue pin is for WAGGGS - World Assoc. of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
    The yellow oval is a position pin, for troop leader.
    The green pin is the Girl Scouts pin in the second styling (a third styling was introduced for the centennial in 2012).
    The tie tack and chain must be a years of service pin - it's difficult to see.

    Thanks Heidi!!!!