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03 May 2013

reasure Chest Thursday: High School Memories

It's May and the end of school for K-12 is upon us. For some, that means graduation from high school. Whenever graduation season hits, my mind turns to all the memorabilia that will be on display at parties featuring the brief 'life in review' for the guest of honor. Take time to photograph their treasures. Then go home and photograph your own.

Before you snap a photo, be sure to create a story with your items. Here are a few tips I learned about photographing high school related items.

Photographing High School Memorabilia
f 4.5, exp 1/8 sec, ISO 100
Spot focus metering
Photographing High School Memorabilia
f 4.5, exp 1/15, bias +0.3, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering
I'm not entirely sure which version I like best. I used my 'seamless' backdrop, but as you can see, it's not so seamless is it? Ah well, we learn. I had to stuff fiberfill into my cap in order to get it to stand up. When it was flat, it looked lifeless. With it puffed up, then the cap's tassels hung down and looked more inviting.

I also realized taking a photo of the cap, for me, was boring. Having the school color tassel as well as my cum laude neck tassels draped over the hat, told a better story.

So, when you're photographing your high school objects, pay attention to the details of the back ground. See if you can smooth things out a little. Also, group objects in collections for a more interesting photo story. Having fun! I can't wait to see what you capture in photos.

Then leave a link in the comments section to your blog post or Flickr feed showcasing your photos so we can all celebrate your work.

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