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31 May 2013

Photo Friday: Coins in Cases

My husband received a number of coins from a relative. He doesn't collect these types of coins, so I was asked to photograph them for sale on eBay. The purpose was to quickly capture the photos to be sold. I did that. I also feel that the photos were done well enough to be used in a scrapbook about the relative who collected coins.

American Eagle Coin
Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/4, exp 1/6, ISO- 80, spot focus

I set up shop in my living room beside the large window that receives excellent filtered light in the afternoon. I used my seamless back drop. And set the camera to AV priority.

The writing in this photo was a bit blurry. Additionally, the color of the box was darker than I had anticipated. My seamless backdrop probably needs to be replaced with something that doesn't wrinkle as easily. In time, in time.

American Eagle Coin Cover
Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/4, exp 1/5, ISO- 80, spot focus
This one was a little better as far as the coloration was concerned and the legibility of the writing. With a decent photo of the exterior cover, it was time to pull out the coin case.

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/4, exp 1/5, ISO- 80, spot focus
In a larger view of the box, you can see the details of the velvet-like exterior. I wish the coloration was a little more burgundy or maroon. However, the details are clear and crisp.

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/4, exp 1/13, ISO- 80, spot focus

The coin is actually sizer. This photo makes the coin look gold. I moved the camera around until the coin returned to the silver cast. I also lowered the exposure setting.

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/4, exp 1/4, ISO- 80, spot focus
I often wish I could have 'professional' quality photos. But that would require more knowledge and potentially a better camera. But, I also wonder if it really matters. When is nice, good enough?

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