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25 April 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Another Cross Stitch

Here is another treasure that I got to photograph from my Grannie Brown's collection. I am so glad that I was able to photograph this gem. It was too large to fit in my light box. So, I placed it on a white cloth that was on top of a chair. I only had natural afternoon light in my outdoors set up. The indoor lighting was poor. I moved to a full shadow location rather than full sun. I snapped this photo and it looked great!

f/5, exp 1/640, bias +0.3, ISO 200
Pattern metering

I hope that you're seeing that you can photograph the treasures that belong to your family without the need for a super fancy camera. Primarily, natural light works best, but a light box works wonders as well. What you can't fix on camera, can be fixed (to some degree) in a Photo Editor. And sometimes, you won't have to fix anything at all.

Go on, photograph the things that tell the story of your living relatives before things like this disappear when the relatives sift through someone's possessions after they pass out of this life.

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