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23 April 2013

Photograph, Don't Scan Your Treasures

This week my Treasure Chest Thursday tips is better suited for Tech Tuesday, so I'm changing pace for the week. I hope you won't mind. Next week will be back to the tips I share in photographing and story telling of your treasure chest items.

So what is my awesome tip? Not everything can be scanned. When I was preserving the scrapbook my husband assembled in efforts to 'redo it' (to include stories) I came across several pages that just did not scan well.

Photographing memorabilia
Crazy shadows created when scanning.
Normally scrapbook pages can be scanned as they are flat or have flat items. However, sometimes when you scan a page, you'll get crazy shadows. If you see these strange shadows, you know that you need to photograph the item. You can simply set the page in a large light box or you can place it in your seamless backdrop set up with reflector.

Same flower, photographed in light box.

As you can see, the flower looks a lot better and the shadowing more natural.  Play with various settings on your camera to have the colors match your preference.

 The following example, shows a wonderfully light collection of prom artifacts. Using a camera, rather than a scanner, highlighted the boutineer perfectly!

Photographing Artifacts
Photography reduces the unsightly shadows.

You will have better luck photographing your objects than using your scanner.

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