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28 April 2013

Sentimental Sunday: A find my mother would have loved.

The Zumstein Sisters, 1936
The Zumstein Sisters, 1936
Fay, Helen, and Dorothy Zumstein
Today my thoughts are overwhelmed. Through, I made a connection to a Zumstein relative. When she mentioned having images and photos for the family, I was interested. So, I contacted my distant relative back and said, "I would love to see this information."

I don't believe I have much to share other than vital documents and census records. I do have some documents from Robert Victor Zumstein's career at Ohio State University. Any additional photos would enrich my family history greatly.

The first question most Zumstein relatives seem to ask is, "Do you have Dorothy Zumstein Merrit's stories?" Dorothy (see photo to the right) is my Grandma Helen's older sister. She and my mother connected in the late 1970s and I did receive a copy of what Dorothy put together. However, I've always felt that Dorothy had more records that the two stories. Photos, bibles, etc. I just didn't know where these items resided.

To date, I had not found her 'research' beyond a few stories and photos. But, no longer. The connection over at gave me access to nearly 1 GB of digitized documents and such. That's a lot of information. This Patient Genealogist is doing a happy dance. I have so much to look at, that it will be some time before I can even process it all (combined with everything from last year's research trip). I don't know for sure if this is Dorothy's collection, but I imagine that she had access to many of these resources from which to conduct her research and share with my mother.

However, it's times like these that make me miss my momma greatly. She passed away in December and I hadn't even begun to share all the information and photos I collected in May of last year. Now, I have a mountain of new resources and she's not physically here to call and be giddy with. However, my hubby is.  He loves all the things that I receive. I'm so blessed to have such an encouraging husband.

So today, I'm thinking about my mother and how much she would have loved this discovery. And, I'm thinking about Great Aunt Dorothy. Her research was not wasted. I am more grateful for her, and the other Zumstein preservers of our history, everyday.


  1. How wonderful for you to have connected with a relative through Ancestry, and to have the support of your husband when you share with him your genealogical discoveries.

    1. It was awesome to make the connection through And I do love my supportive hubby.

  2. I share your enthusiasm. That's exciting and it's nice that your husband is so supportive!


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