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27 April 2013

Organizing All Those Emails with Evernote?

Using Evernote to tackle the Emails
Using Evernote to tackle the Emails
I'll admit it. I have an electronic organization problem. I have emails about genealogy scattered over a variety of tools. They relate to family history work and I can't keep up.

So, with all the hub-bub about Evernote flying through the Geneablogosphere, I decided to finally decide what this was all about.

I'll preface by saying, though I'm not tech challenged, we do not have smart phones, or even cell phones. However, I have an Android tablet that I love. If I was going to be searching on my PC or the tablet, I wanted something that could share information between the devices. Evernote works with both and isn't an exclusive Apple product. Double Yeah!

So... I started by keeping a few notes electronically that were floating around the house pertaining to  homeschooling. Yeah. Now I have these notes somewhere 'safe' and they won't get lost as easily as those pesky papers. Plus, there are a few less papers cluttering up the desk's top. (Sorry, I have a bad habit of being punny).

As I was sorting through my Genealogy folders in my various email accounts, it finally hit me that I should consolidate these messages together as notes in Evernote. I could cut and paste snippets from the emails onto one note per topic. LOVE IT! I could tag it as "Writing Family History" for things I need to write. I could tag the information per family line or with 'Research' to remind myself these are things I need to investigate further.

So far, I have cleared out the 'pertinent' emails from one email account. I have also written some follow-up emails that have been sitting for awhile. Yeah! And I have already heard back from some people in less than 24 hours. Oh, yeah.

I still have another email account to go through. I'm thus far liking the organization possibilities of Evernote.

I look forward to paring down my email accounts when I can read a few eNewsletters (to bad I can't get them to Feedly. That would be AWESOME!). I'll be able to capture the important nuggets of wisdom from these eNewsletters and file them as well, rather than save them for ages never to be reviewed again.

So... some of you may already use this great resource. I'm glad to add my voice as a testimonial. If you haven't used this tool, I recommend you give Evernote a try.

(Oh... and if you have any further tips for me on making the most of Evernote, I'll welcome them in the comments section.)


  1. I never thought of using Evernote for email. I do use it for research log, collecting links and for putting in research notes from my handwritten notes from an archives or library.

    I really like that the links are clickable to the site.

    1. I'm really enjoying Evernote as well. Glad I could give you a tip.

  2. I decided to clear out my genealogy related emails too using Evernote. I didn't finish, but got a decent start. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, so I just used my assigned Evernote email address and forwarded the emails to Evernote. If you have a designated notebook and designated tags already assigned, you can put those in the subject line using @ and # symbols and they should end up where you want them.... I think. It's been over a month since I did this and sometimes I forget things. :) I ended up tagging with email, the surname, and the name of the person who sent the email. This may change over time if I figure out a better system.

    1. Thanks for the tips Kathy. I'll have to put them to use.


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