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12 April 2013

Friday Funny: FamilyTree Gave Me Another Child

FamilySearch FamilyTree gave me
a duplicate copy of my fifth child!
Funny coincidence. When I signed on to FamilySearch FamilyTree, I had six children. When I remember how many births I had, there should only be six. Upon further investigation, it turns out, my son "Cinco" had two entries!

The trouble was I couldn't delete him or combine the two records. Why? Because he's living. And the FamilySearch FamilyTree doesn't let you do certain things with individuals marked living.

Perhaps I could have marked him deceased on both records so that I could combine him. Then I could mark him living and be on with my happy life. However, I didn't want to introduce any genealogical craziness for future generations to solve.

So... I tried out the handy dandy online chat help center. Within a short while, they were please to announce that I only have five children and none of them have duplicate vital information (name, date of birth, etc). Whew! I'm so glad. I was starting to wonder that I had missed something.

Thumbs up to the supportive folks at FamilySearch. Now... to sort through those ancestors who have a few problems of their own. I know for certain, that if I hit a snag or two, FamilySearch help center will be there to help me out.

PS... Sharing his photo gives me a great excuse to share the living and remember a Wow! moment in my life.


  1. That's funny. I'm glad you got it straightened out. I would hate to make someone deceased, that just sounds so bad.

  2. Aside from the humorous aspect of this, it certainly is frustrating when your genealogy program, whether online or on your computer, does funny things like this. Glad you could resolve this without causing more problems in your tree!

    1. What's so funny with FamilyTree is that my husband has the same problem. By resolving my issue, one would think that it would solve the duplicate son on his tree. However, the impact was only when I logged in. I know the folks at FamilySearch will fix it. But, it's just a funny quirk.


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