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26 March 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: My great-grandfather's wife's sister

Rosa Webb Owen's gravemarker, Photo by Marcia1061

I haven't seen many people working on the family of my second great grandfather's second wife. Andrew Nelson Smith (1855-1933) had two wives that I know of. Emmeline Ward (1866-1893) is my second great grandmother. She is the mother of Lura Maude Smith who I've shared scrapbook pages about (or will do so soon). Emma died shortly after the birth of her second child. Grandpa Smith, as my Grannie called him, remarried a woman named Mary Etta Webb. Mary Etta was committed to an asylum and died there. So, my Grannie new very little about Grandpa Smith's second wife's family. I figured, someone should search...

Mary Etta is the daughter of William Webb (an immigrant from England) and Georgina Stares, also from England. They have four children that I know of:

1. child Webb - died Oct 1865 in Columbus, Ohio
2. Charles F Webb - b 19 Feb 1854 d 23 Apr 1908 in Franklin County, Ohio
3. Rosa Webb- b 20 Dec 1856 d 27 Dec 1946 in Franklin County, Ohio
4. Mary Etta Webb - b 4 Feb 1861 d 22 Aug 1939 in Franklin County, Ohio.

I requested a photo of her gravemarker and ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, here it is. Turns out, Rosa married someone with the last name Owens.

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