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04 March 2013

Mystery Monday: Where is Wittenberg Lutheran Cemetery?

I am completely stumped by a reference in a Death Certificate. The reference is for Elizabeth nee Pusecker was buried in Wittenberg Lutheran Cemetery in Ohio. I have no idea where that Wittenberg Lutheran Cemetery is or was.

Elizabeth Pusecker Death Certificate
Family Search, "Ohio Death, 1908-1957" database, (http:/ :
Entry for Elizabeth Pusecker, died 11 February 1913 Source Film: 1953599, Reference No: fn 8754.
  Here's what I know about this 'non-relative' relative. Elizabeth is second wife of Karl Friedrich Pusecker (9 May 1808 - 11 Nov 1886). Karl Pusecker traveled from Gillersheim, Northeim, Niedersachsen, Germany to America with my fourth great-grandmother Heinrich Andreas M├Ąck (29 Jun 1811 - 29 Nov 1868). The two families settled down in Franklin County, Ohio by 1855. Heinrich's son Heinrich Ludwig married Karl's daughter Caroline Pusecker.

In any case, Karl's first wife and mother to Caroline died in 1856. Karl remarried Magdalena Ackerman in 1857. Magdelena died in March 1879. Then Karl married Elizabeth Hoffman in October 1879. Hoffman is said to be Elizabeth's married name, rather than her maiden name.

In any case, I found Elizabeth's death certificate. I find it fascinating that Elizabeth died in the Franklin County Infirmary in 1913. She was a widow and the informant was the Infirmary records department. Whenever I see this, I feel so sad that no family member was the informant. It just seems so sad.

I want to know more about Elizabeth but I can't figure out where Wittenberg Lutheran Cemetery is. It had to have been an active cemetery in 1913. But I can't find reference to it now. I'm not familiar with tracking down Lutheran Church records so I'm completely stumped. Hopefully someone with a little more familiarity with either the Lutheran church records in Franklin County, Ohio or with cemeteries in the area could help me out. My Google searches are coming up empty.


I'm not sure when Wittenberg became St. James Lutheran Church, but I figured out a connection while I was lost on another collateral line. Thanks to an hint, I came across the following death certificate:

Death Certificate for :AMALIA FLADT

Amalia is my the mother-in-law of my 1st cousin 3x removed. That's a pretty close relations, huh? Regardless, I know that Amalia Fladt was buried in Saint James Lutheran Church Cemetery in Hilliard, Franklin County Ohio. But check out where the death certificate says she was buried. You guessed it. Wittenberg Cemetery.

Potential relative mystery solved?
Find A Grave Memorial# 14742872

A quick search for Elizabeths shows a stone for an Elizabeth Hoffman. Now, I'm not 100% certain if this is the Elizabeth I was searching for. It's entirely possible. But I would certainly need someone to visit the stone and transcribe it for me. They maybe, just maybe my mystery would be solved.

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  1. Devon - I have found that cemeteries merge, or one takes over another and the one taken over is renamed. Is there a way to contact the current cemetery office or church office to inquire about the details of this Elizabeth Hoffman? You've got me curious now ;-)
    Good luck finding out.