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22 March 2013

Location Tips

I wanted to remember some tips I learned from the RootsTech seminar online:

To find someone's location:
  • Wikipedia, look for Geocode
  • Hometown Locator (look for Geocode or names of maps the place is on)
  • GNIS (look for Geocode)
  • Take Geocodes and plug them into Google Maps

Other resources:

There might have been more, but these links were somewhat helpful in understanding Prairie, Franklin, Ohio (which no longer exists) and New Haven, Huron, Ohio (which does).

Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

I found only one map for Gainsborough, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada... but much is not available has been renamed since 1970. Elcho, Gainsborough, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada was found on a map, but, it appears to only be a cross-section of four farm houses at present.

I'll admit that I had hoped to find out more about the places, but at least I know more than I had in the past. Small steps to understanding. My next endeavor will be to use these tips on more locations within my database. That will take some time, but at least I have these tips saved!!!

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