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27 March 2013

Heritage Scrapbooking: Color Schemes Part Two

Last week, I showed you some of the scrapbook pages for an album about my mother and her heritage. This week, I'll share the family history layouts that are included in my father's album. Once again, notice how a well chosen color scheme can be applied to the entire album to unify each page into one complete story.

Cover page sets the theme

All heritage albums need a family tree

Father's Page

Mother's Page

Use documents for a Baby Page
Use documents for a funeral page

Use documents to tell about education

Use documents to tell about religion

For my father, I used a green, light blue and navy color scheme. Since the album was about a man, blues and greens were a great choice. Many of the pages worked nicely to have the navy as the background, but sometimes, the light green was a great choice to separate topics. For the mother and father layouts, since they were facing each other, I used similar layout arrangements to create even more unity across the open two pages.

Selecting one color scheme for your family history scrapbook saves time as well. You only are choosing between a few papers that fit your color scheme rather than every digital scrapbook page you own.

For more color scheme ideas that work well for heritage scrapbooks, you might want to revisit this post. To see review a post about playing with color until you find one that works for your project, revisit the post.

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  1. Do you have a template for the half circle family tree titled "Bob's Ancestry"?