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01 March 2013

Geiszler Family History: George Joseph Geiszler

I've spent a lot of time on my mother's maiden name line and I'm a bit... well burn out is not the word but it's the one that comes to mind. So I felt like shifting gears a bit. I skipped over my dad and my grand father. I know I should write about them as they are the closest to me. However, Great Grandpa George is Grandpa to my father's living cousins. I visited his three surviving grandchildren, all of whom are girls. I feel drawn to write about him so that I can develop more questions for his living descendants. Plus, I recently received  many wonderful photos of Great Grandpa Geiszler, that I want to share that as well.

George Joseph Geiszler
George J Geiszler
of Columbus, Ohio
abt 1910
My great grandfather is George Joseph Geiszler. George was born on 8 Jun 1886 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. George was the son of Henry Joseph Geiszler and Marguerite Magdalena Hoppe. He grew up with an older brother, William Joseph, as two younger siblings had died very young.

As early as 1899 George was working as a laborer while living at his home at 1141 Medill Street. By the 1900 Census, George's situation had not changed... still working, still living at home.

In 1902, George's brother William, age 19, married a woman named Maude Brown. The marriage was over before 1910. One could wonder what impact this had on George as he did not marry until he was 32.

By 1904, George was working as a pattern marker for the railroad. I read somewhere that railroading was the high tech industry of the time. I believe it. Another person said that once you had a job with the railroad, you were set for life. I would love to know if that's true. Regardless, George never stopped working from 1904 until his death in the 70s. Talk about a job for life! His brother, was a blacksmith and even had a shop with the Geiszler name on it.

In 1912, George's brother William married Aleta Bowers. This marriage lasted throughout William's life. At some point, William and George became very estranged. It is believed that the Catholic Aleta wanted to keep the boys separated in hopes that their drinking problems, inspired by their father Henry, would subside. The timing of the separation is unknown, only that they lived in the same town but rarely saw each other. The children of George and William would rarely play with each other as well.


 Having lived 17 hours or more away from family for the majority of my life, I just can't imagine having cousins within a 20 minute drive of me and not spending time with them  The families did correspond as the children of both brothers know of each other and a bit about their lives at present. However, the cousins still don't gather though many still live in Columbus. I don't wish to judge. All I can say is, that I hope time and forgiveness will heal all wounds whether on this earth or in the world to come.


Right now... this is all I know about George as a young man. Well, I also know that his father had a drinking problem. At some point I want to enrich his story by putting more information about history into this narrative. For now, it's a start. I look forward to sharing more about Grandpa George. By the way, the photo above, I saw it for the first time in May 2012 when I traveled to Ohio. I only had pictures of Grandpa George as a really old man in the 1970s. That photo is a great treasure to me. I have even more!!!!

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