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19 March 2013

Celebrating the history happening now

Devon Geiszler Lee
Here I am taking a moment to
celebrate the history that is happening now
Last month, I worked on my personal history in the form of the yearly scrapbooks for two of my children, the family book, and a travel album from two years ago. I also caught up on our family blog that I keep offline and print out yearly. Last year is ready to be printed and bound. This year is caught up. WHEW!

I love seeking out my ancestors. I love dreaming about breaking through their brick walls. I am also still fishing for new information and processing what I already know. However, I have to remember that the living have a story to tell as well. Knowing how invaluable our story is to those who come after, I must do my part to share the personal/current history. And then, I must live too.

But now that I'm caught up, I'm ready to find a balance to the current and the past history. I'm pumped and ready. Happy first day of Spring, even if you're feeling like the Groundhog committed fraud this year.

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