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25 March 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Elizabeth Long letter discussing Longs of Lycoming, PA, Pt 2/3

This is the second page of the letter from Elizabeth Long to Penny Geiszler regarding the Long Family that originated in Pennsylvania... but now includes the siblings of my great grandfather Harry Howard Long.

John W and Hannah Long William Lester and Angie Long
Letter from Elizabeth Long to Penny Brown Geiszler, 9 October 1976; 
digital image held in 2010 by Devon Lee.

Here's the transcription:

My siblings and me are: all born in 1800s in New Haven, Ohio

Dan Ray b 10/7/76 died 9/15/1954 buried New Haven “Dan” not “Daniel”
Gertrude b 6/30/78 died 2/1/1949 in Washington buried in New Haven
Mary Agnes b 2/21/82 died 11/16/1953 in Washington buried in Havanah Ohio
Harry Howard b 12/1/83 died 12/13/1937 buried in Columbus, Originally he was named Henry Howard but always used the name “Harry”
Felix Angelo b 1/25/1886 died 12/23/1890 buried in New Haven
Elizabeth b 12/22/1890 will not be buried, body will go to GWU Med School
(The above is recorded in my personal 'birthday book” or otherwise from personal knowledge)

I remember vaguely that the Long family was originally Scotch but later settled somewhere in North Ireland where they owned some property. Since they could not take it with them to USA presumably returned to Crown. I don't know when the family came to the USA. I have a hunch that records of Lycoming Co. PA. Might have clues. Somewhere I heard that Grandma Long was a toll road keeper before her marriage. Another relative is involved here, but I'm not sure of the relationship. She was sort of foster sister to father (older than Dad) and was known to us children as Aunt Matt. Her first name was Martha but I don't know what her maiden name was. She married a man named Woodworth. She later lived with her son, Fred Woodworth in Cleveland. Fred had two daughters, Muriel and Marjorie. Aunt Matt brought the girls to visit us in Norwalk. Apparently Aunt Matt was a relative, perhaps an orphan niece of Grandma's. Anyhow, Grandma 'raised' her. Possibly her maiden name was Harrington for I know that name comes in somewhere.

Grandpa and Grandma [John W and Hannah] moved to the farm near New Haven when father [William Lester] was 2 years old. During the gold rush to Calif in (1849++) I don't know when he went and when he returned. He didn't make a strike. He went via the Isthmus of Panama (by ship). When they moved to Ohio I remember hearing that they stayed with one of Grandpa's brothers but I don't know which or what became of him for he wasn't around when I can remember and no one talked about him and his family.

Their children [John W and Hannah Long] were:
Winfield Scot Long (always called Scott, married Adeline?
William Lester Long (called “Lester or “Less”) married Angeline Young
Mary E Long – m James S Lewis, probably buried in Plymouth Ohio
Clara Adeline Long m Geo B Silliman, was usually called Addie buried in Plymouth
Frank H Long m Inez Stewart (they had 17 children)

(Robert had the above information in some information he had Xeroxed and I suppose sent you a copy)

After coming to Ohio they built a clapboard hous and later (during the Civil War) replaced it with a brick one. The old house was used as a “summer kitchen” and for storage – an uncovered board porch connected the two.

Family bibles never seemed to be used for record keeping.

I learned something new. I always knew that Great Grandma Long was not known as Sarah but rather Angie. However, I didn't retain the knowledge that William Lester was referred to as Lester or Less throughout his life. I suppose I will now need to make note of that. Thanks Aunt Elizabeth for the tip!

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