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28 February 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Fad Items

Did you or your relative ever get caught up in fads? Did you have to have that something that everyone else had? For some it's Coca-cola items, for some it is Beanie Babies, for others it was Cabbage Patch dolls or Poke-mon cards. For others they collected vintage Barbie dolls. The fad possibilities are astounding if you actually think about it (or watch a show like American Pickers!)

The fads we follow tell another side of our personality. Give more meat to your personal and family histories by photographing the fad items that are still around your home! If you're a young mother, be sure to photograph the things your little ones just 'HAVE TO HAVE!' Your family history projects will have more depth when you do!

I wonder if collections are a 'modern' post-depression activity. I don't know. My mother collected teddy bears. I collected stickers, wrestling magazines, and followed much of the pop music trends. In high school, I started collecting Trolls. Now trolls were not a new thing in the 90s. They were a huge fad in the 1960s.

Photo Friday Challenge: Fad Items
Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge: Fad Items
f/5, exp 0.8 sec, exp bias: +0.7, ISO 100, Spot metering

I'll be honest. I didn't spend a lot of time taking photos of my troll. I guess I just didn't want them in my house any longer. The sooner it was photographed the better! Wow! They were so important to me so long ago. Yikes! (PSST... family history has the side benefit of helping you organize and declutter your home if you do it right!)

Anyway... with that said, I put this Troll key chain in my light box. I used natural light from my window. Then I set the camera on custom white balance. I snapped a photo of the white cardboard and the camera made the final adjustments. I flipped on spot focused and the background completely 'blew out'. In other words, it became over exposed.

Now, normally, I would not like this type of photo at all. Trolls were so crazy and almost 'psychedelic'. So, the over exposed nature of the photo, actually gives the photo an unintentionally cool effect. So, I ran with it.

Have fun with your artifact photos. Your 'mistakes' just might turn into great effects.

After you photograph your 'fad' memorabilia, leave a link in the comments section to your blog post or Flickr feed showcasing your photos so we can all celebrate your work.

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