Thankful Thursday: Family Group Sheets Online

I'm excited but there is an ugh too. So... I had this thought that I'd LOVE to see the old family group sheets that were submitted by my research predecessors. And, the Family Search website now has them online, Old Family Group Sheets. Yeah! I'm looking forward to seeing these files to see if they have sources. Yippee!!!

Here's the only ugh. The blog announcing these new online records gate the dates available. The time frame is from 1942 to 1969. Well, I need to find out more about the records from 1969 - 1979. My mother's records are in that time frame. We had some records but some of them were destroyed, by a novice genealogist (er, me a decade ago) and by other careless preservation efforts. 

Regardless, I know some records will be valuable and I can't wait to see them.

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