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17 February 2013

Personal History Challenge Update

Personal History Scrapbooks
With photos on my templates, I can place
the journaling and titles. Then I can make
the layouts pretty, although this template already
looks nice.
Almost a week has passed and I'm fairly excited to say that I have four scrapbooks with the layouts selected and photos put in place. For those interested:

17 layouts for the 2011 Family Trip to Texas
44 layouts for the 2012 Lee Family Scrapbook
35 layouts for my youngest daughter's 2012 Scrapbook
29 layouts for my youngest son's 2012 Scrapbook

125 layouts awaiting the journaling put in place and decorations!!!

Honestly, the narrowing down of photos, selecting templates that accommodate the photos and placing the photos on scrapbook pages is the most time intensive aspect. I have previously written the journaling for all of these pages as well... now, to place the journaling and make the pages pretty. Whew!

I'm having trouble narrowing down photos from the 2012 Lee Reunion. So I'm putting that project on hold. In addition the travel albums from last year are also challenging. So I have placed 52 layouts for 2 albums on hold for now. My third child's scrapbook requires his input. He's not in a participatory mood, so I'm putting that project on hold until he's more cooperative. So... 3 albums with a total of 90 layouts are put on the back burner, I'm happy with where I am at.

For those who don't know, once I finish these albums, I'll return to working on my ancestors. For now, the living take precedent.

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