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12 February 2013

Personal History Challenge... update

Well, I'm cheering on all those who are participating in the February Writing Challenge. I am enjoying all the posts my favorite blogs are sharing. Way to go!

As for me, I have my yearly personal history book almost ready to print. The photos are in place and the writing has been proof read. There will always be mistakes, but that makes us human. The only challenge now is to find a print-on-demand service that does 8.5x11 books like did. I have used their service at least twice, if not three times for this project. I think can do what I hope for. We'll see.

Now that last year's personal history project is complete, it's time to get started on this year's. Personal history never stops.

I have also sorted, organized, created sub-topics, written the journaling, selected templates, and placed photos for 98 scrapbook layouts. 16 of these layouts have the journaling in place. These 98 layouts go into 4 different scrapbooks: Travel album from 2010, family album 2012, and my two youngest children's 2012 albums. The third child's album needs to be written about though the photos have been selected for his album. He's a feisty guy so this might take a bit. However, the two oldest kiddos are working hard on their scrapbook independently.

I need to pick out layouts for 24 more layouts for the above albums. There are two more album that I am working on: trips from 2012 and Reunion 2012. That's another 52 layouts. Most of the journaling is done for these last albums but some fine tuning will be necessary.

So my totals:
98 layouts with photos placed
24 layouts need templates selected
52 layouts need templates selected and journaling finalized
 174 Total layouts for 6 albums

The seventh album will have at least 38 layouts.

So when I'm done with these personal history scrapbooks for my family... I will have completed 212 layouts. Whew! 46% of the layouts are ready for placing journaling and decorating... my favorite part. Not to bad.

Personal history scrapbook
Collection of scrapbook pages in progress. Pictures placed on
scrapbook templates. Awaiting journaling and decorations!

Doing this many in a short time frame inspires me to do this throughout the year. We'll see. I have a birthday quilt to make by Christmas and two quilts to tie in the meantime. Plus, I still have a lot more to write about the Geiszler and Brown families from the trip in May. Yep... I'll need to pace myself this month and throughout the year 2013.

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